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Hi, My name is James Collins an avid writer and a social media influencer. Writing is my passion, gardening is my hobby, my wife is my love and teaching is my profession.

How To Change Steam Account Name

If you are looking forward to changing your steam account name, merge two accounts or delete your steam account permanently, here is the guide that would let you know it all. How To Change Steam Account Name How to identify my steam ID? Identifying your steam ID helps you to generate a unique account with […]

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How to Make Your Beard Soft And Straight

Who does not notice a man in a crowd with the flawlessly handsome beard? It won’t be wrong to say apart from ladies, other men who failed to grow such notice even more. Keeping fun aside, it is a fact indeed if you have such you are lucky. Social media’s enthusiastic trend-making or whatever you […]

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Voice assistants will probably let us down

Since Amazon Echo shipped in late 2014, smart speakers and voice assistants have been advertised as the next big thing. Nearly four years later, despite the millions of devices sold, it’s clear that like many other visions of the tech industry, that perception was an overstatement. Testament to the fact: Most people aren’t using Alexa to […]

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