How To Change Steam Account Name

If you are looking forward to changing your steam account name, merge two accounts or delete your steam account permanently, here is the guide that would let you know it all.

How To Change Steam Account Name

How to identify my steam ID?

Identifying your steam ID helps you to generate a unique account with the help of numeric code. The instructions below shall help you to become a part of the steam community by using the unique stream ID provided by the company –

  • Launch any random multiplayer game.
  • Choose options and move toward the keyboard tab.
  • Click the advanced button and choose the option to enable Developer Console.
  • Hit apply and click ok
  • Generate a server or create one
  • Reach out the menu screen and press the tilde and move towards the upper left-hand corner of the keyboard for loading the console.
  • Type your status within the console text field that is empty
  • Hit enter
  • Your steam ID will be portrayed right on your screen with the nickname on the console window.

Is it possible to change the steam ID/ steam account?

You cannot change your steam ID or steam account even with the help of customer care executive. However, you can just change the player name by using the community settings option.

  • Move toward community settings
  • Choose edit
  • My steam ID page
  • Input the name that you wish to keep

Is it possible to merge two steam accounts?

Honestly, two different steam accounts cannot be merged. According to subscriber agreement by the stream, CD keys are not Transferable and cannot be allowed to moved or reset between two different steam accounts.

How to delete a steam account?

Deleting steam account simply requires you to submit a request for permanent termination of your account. The support team shall quickly get in touch with you and ask for the proof of ownership for fulfilling the request.

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