How to Clean a Gun

In this post, I will be talking about how to clean a gun. If you are new and want to know the tips then this post for you. Before that you should have a gun cleaning kit, here you can check the best gun cleaning kit 2018.



Guide To Clean A Gun

1. Cleaning Clean: 

Before you clean your Gun, you should have a cleaning kit. You can buy a good cleaning kit from Amazon or offline stores.

Just make sure you have a best gun cleaning kit. Because a bad Cleaning kit can harm your Gun.

A good cleaning should have few basic sets such as A bore brush, Cleaning rod, Cleaning solvent, gun oil, A patch holder and patches, A nylon cleaning brush, Flashlight, Microfiber cloths for polishing.

2. Unload Your Gun:

Now next step that you need to do is unload your Gun. Don’t clean your Gun without unloading bullets.

Note: Your gun may still have a round ready to fire after you remove the magazine, so check and remove this round.

Now open the Gun chamber, and look the barrel from back to front to confirm

Note: No gun can be considered unloaded until you have looked through the barrel.

3. Cleaning the Gun:

Now you have to soak the bore into the barrel using a gun cleaning rod.


Cleaning your Gun frequently basis is very important. Try to clean your Gun after every 300-350 rounds. It will take maximum 45minutes.

I clean my Gun after every 200 rounds, but I recommend you to do that after 300-350. Now it’s up to you. Share your thought when and how frequently you clean your Gun.

So these way you can easily clean your gun. I hope this post was helpful and please do share on social and show me some love.

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