How to Make Your Beard Soft And Straight

Who does not notice a man in a crowd with the flawlessly handsome beard? It won’t be wrong to say apart from ladies, other men who failed to grow such notice even more.

Keeping fun aside, it is a fact indeed if you have such you are lucky. Social media’s enthusiastic trend-making or whatever you call it, a man with perfectly grown bread is a now a matter of pride. But every beautiful thing needs it’s kind of take-care and nourishment. So do your beard. Keeping it soft, straight and gorgeous has to be in your priority check.

How to Make Your Beard Soft And Straight

Before I talking about how you can make your beard soft and straight, let me talk about the common problems.

Beard And Problems:

Now having something that other people desire to have is quite impressive but for oneself, it is a sort of added responsibility to maintain well. Soon after the beard-boom in the internet media, like every other trend, people started following the same regardless of thinking whether they want it or not, or if they want what their preferred way is. The problem happens there. Common beard problems like patchy facial hair, uneven grow of beard or too rough, hard and curly beard growth that makes you feel irritated. Don’t worry it’s easy to get rid of them. I will be talking about the solutions.

Rough And Hard Facial Hair:

There are many reasons you can have to grow such a beard unknowingly. Suppose you were a well maintained clean-shave guy before and suddenly you stopped shaving to make a beard. Of course, you will have grown the beard faster than others, but you’ll notice its way hard and scratchy thicker hair you have become. Naturally at younger age beard is softer, but after your hardcore grooming for years, of course, it’ll turn thick and rough. This kind of beard creates irritation to not only you but others also who come close to your face. Hard beard is more likely to get dandruff and create itching, plus if you live in a high-temperature area, then you’ll die to shave it off.

Stop Shaving Only Isn’t Enough:

This thing is apparent that you will never reach your desired style unless you consider it as part of your regular grooming. Your sudden break from shaving won’t make you look “the beard kind” that is evident. To help yourself grow the beautiful beard and keep it, you need special treatment. Special treatment doesn’t mean having expensive salon care or applying countless cosmetic products. This much you have to keep in mind, having neatly trimmed, adequately shaped and maintained soft beard is a Chocó-drizzle topping to your manly self.

How to make your beard soft

When you are determined and convinced enough to have daily attention to make your beard your desired kind, you need to do a few things.

  • You have to keep it clean. Use any herbal beard shampoo or your preferred natural substitutes, i.e., Aloe-vera gel, lemon juice, etc. to make your facial hair clean enough. It genuinely makes your beard soft.
  • After making it dry thoroughly with a towel, you need to use good quality (preferably organic) bread-oil, balm or gel whatever that moisturizes your facial hair and enhances impressive growth. Honey is the sweet solution here for its natural moisturizing components. To attain softness in a beard, it is essential that you regularly massage your hair with proper substances.
  • Regularly comb your bread with a proper oval-shaped comb. It is crucial if you want straight and neatly arranged beard for you.
  • After certain intervals, trim your beard for your preferred shape and length. You can also use scissors to cut down split ends that make your beard look rough. But don’t just let it be three months all untouched and expect your beard will look softer.

How to straighten a beard

Things To Avoid From Now On:

Along with making a beard-grooming routine, you also need to cut few things out of the list you often do. Some common mistakes that ruin your deserved beauty, like-

  • Just cut down any alcohol based product you use or about to use in your beard. If you want softer, shiny and look hydrated beard, just cut them down.
  • Don’t use beard oil or balm in wet hair. Make sure they are correctly dry and after that use them.
  • Never go after with the craze of full range beard products. Keep it simple instead. Using a lot of things mostly damages ultimately. Keep eyes open and decide with consciousness.


Having soft, shiny and long beard is undoubtedly a privilege in personality factors. Your nice beard will make you more and more desirable to your loved ones along with it refines your social acceptance. There is a social media quote: “dear ladies, if he has the nice beard, keep him, because he has patience.” All the best!

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