RTID and Sound Transit Integrated Plan

Roads & Transit was a proposal that was jointly developed by Sound Transit and the Regional Transportation Investment District Planning Committee. It was the first-ever integrated plan of highway, bridge and transit improvements for Snohomish, King and Pierce counties.

The goal was to address the region’s worst traffic chokepoints and connect the busiest population and job centers.

The Roads & Transit package integrated the Sound Transit 2 plan for transit investments and RTID’s Blueprint for Progress, which details investments in state highways, bridges and local roads in three counties.

Sound Transit and the RTID Planning Committee gathered and considered public comments as they identified the projects that was proposed to voters in November 2007.

Purposes of the Roads & Transit Plan

  • Prepare for the projected 1.2 million additional people who will be living and working in the region by 2030
  • Move more people faster through the region’s most congested corridors
  • Meet the public’s call for an improved and well-maintained road system as well as a fast and reliable mass transit system
  • Connect many of the region’s population and employment hubs with light rail, transit and improved highways
  • Provide more transportation choices

Important Dates

County Councils place Blueprint on ballot
Sound Transit Board confirms ballot title

August 14th
Ballot title filed with county elections offices (Proposition 1)

November 6
Roads & Transit package on ballot

November 27
Secretary of State certifies election.
Proposition 1 loses.

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