Why You Should Really Buy a Laptop With an SSD


Naturally, everybody feels reluctant to purchase a laptop that has an old version of hard drive. A laptop that does not have an updated hard drive would not work the way you expect. It would not respond faster and the overall performance will definitely not be up to the mark. Therefore, when it comes to enhancing the overall performance of your laptop, components like graphic chip, CPU and RAM have a role play. As you boot the computer and Switch between one task to another, there is a lot of data waiting to be loaded from the disk. while launching up of the applications and managing the background tasks , a hard drive must have solidified features for a better fun.

Improvement in performance

Solid state drive doesn’t have any moving parts. It can read and write data exceptionally faster than a hard drive. It creates the real difference when you are putting your computer on launching a heavy application. Using SSD in a laptop can increase average performance of your PC Almost four times. Normally, hard drive can copy 33 mbps per second where as SSD can copy file at a speed of 230 7.8 MB per second.

More durability and better battery backup

SSD has a lower power consumption when compared with a normal hard drive. A laptop that has a hard drive is known to consume the battery faster while surfing internet and running applications. Also, when susceptible to falling, SSD do not have delicate patterns and needles that can create a trouble. It is sturdy and more durable.

Prices of SSD vs HDD

Now here is the reversal scenario. The price of SSD is far more higher than the size of HDD. The cost of a laptop increases manifold because of SSD embedded within. However, if you choose SSD with lower capacity, you can probably Save a lot. Alternatively, you can upgrade your PC.

Upgradable for sure

No matter whether you are trying to upgrade and old PC on simply buying a new laptop altogether, it is easy to replace an old version of SSD in order to give a new life to your system. Exceptionally some of the the laptops have SSD clubbed with motherboard which makes it irremovable. Therefore , before upgrading your laptop make sure that it allows you to upgrade it and also find out what would it lead to get upgraded. Each laptop has different components, structure and workability. the process for upgrading the storage drive is related with lot of technicality. Remain cautious while doing anything as such.

Spacious enough

Laptops that are blessed with SSD generally have a storage capacity of 128 GB – 256 GB. This is quite a decent amount of space to store programs and games. However, if you need a laptop with more storage, it can be a little bit troublesome. But nevertheless, lack of storage is certainly not a big hassle but the increase in speed which matters the most.

Final Words

Now if you have made a decision to buy an SSD laptop or want to know which one you should get then check the best SSD laptop guide to get the perfect one for you.

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